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Yoga of Alignment Kollective

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training TESTIMONIALS
Lundberg Yoga School Graduates


The Lundberg Yoga teacher training program exceeded all my hopes and expectations for my 300 hour certification. This additional experience and advanced level of training that I have received, and can now bring to all my students, is exceptional.

Liisa Pruzek, graduate 2020

Through this training I saw so much growth in my teaching, my confidence, my specific alignment knowledge, and in my personal practice. My teaching is of more benefit to my students after having completed this program and for that I am extremely grateful.

Denise Jones, graduate 2020

As a women's health medical doctor (MD) and yoga teacher, I was delighted at the depth and professional focus of the training offered. Lundberg Teacher Training is highly interested in support individual knowledge growth in all aspects of yoga. The alignment based yoga specialist teaching is particularly comprehensive, understandable, and applicable for caregivers. I feel safe, confident and prepared to incorporating yoga into my patient practice. In addition, I have expanded personally and as a yoga teacher.

Dr. Leasa Lowy, graduate 2021

The training far exceeded my expectations and my expectations were very high. The information presented was comprehensive and well organized. Rachel Lundberg is supportive of all students; loving and giving with her knowledge. The other teachers presenting their specialities were truly remarkable. There are no words to truly express the quality of this yoga education. My hope would be that all teachers received this quality training.

Kaye Floyd, graduate 2020

Going through the Lundberg Yoga School for my 500RYT was an enlightening experience that has enhanced my teaching on so many different levels. I feel equipped to really help students understand their unique bodies now that I have the special alignment based training.


My 200RYT training was in a vinyasa based style and while it helped me to learn how to teach a group class, I really didn't understand what I was teaching with much depth. Since I've gone through my additional training I'm confident in offering private lessons, workshops and continuing education for other yoga teachers now.


Much of my training through the Lundberg Yoga School was done by experienced Physical Therapists who also happen to be alignment based yoga teachers. Their depth of knowledge has been an invaluable learning experience for me. I would recommend the Lundberg Yoga School to any teacher who is serious about learning body mechanics, committed to helping their students develop a practice unique to them and who wants to take their teaching to the next level.

Julie Popma, graduate 2020

The level of education that I received, has taken my teaching to a higher level. This not only applies to knowledge, and education that I can pass onto my students, but the commitment that I have to my own practice and continuing education. I used to be the teacher in the background who dreaded to be asked to sub a class, not anymore thanks to my 300 hour training. Now I can walk into any class and own it, even if it’s a style I don’t teach or familiar with.


As I have the necessary skills to teach alignment based yoga that would benefit any style of yoga practice. As alignment is important no matter what style of yoga you practice in preventing injury! I would highly recommend the Lundberg 300hr training to any teacher who wanted to take their teaching skills to a higher level...


Thank you Rachel.

Alexis Burroughs, graduate 2020

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