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Limited Offer: "Thrive Like an Oak" Membership

Limited Offer: "Thrive Like an Oak" Membership


Membership Value $5000+ 

*depending on how you take advantage of the discounts offered* 
*For example, if you choose to do a teacher training you could save an additional $350-$600, etc*


Total Investment: $2500 (Only 10 memberships available)

  • What's in it for you?

    • 3 years of UNLIMITED access to all YogaOAK/Thrive sponsored weekly classes both virtual and in person --- VALUE $2700+
    • 1 time FREE access to 6 Weeks to Calm with Group Coaching (my signature program for learning your way to calm through nervous system retraining)---Value $297
    • 1 time FREE enrollment in the 6 month Embodying Calm Mentorship with me (an extension of 6 Weeks to Calm to embody the practices) ---Value $1200 
    • 2 Private One on One Yoga Sessions with Me each year (3 years=6 sessions total) to get feedback on your personal practice and assistance with your goals---Value $600
    • 25% discount on all retail sold from Thrive Wellness Center (does not third party/vendor sales) 
    • 25% discount on all YogaOAK/Thrive run workshops (does not include local and destination retreats)
    • 10% off all YogaOAK/Thrive teacher trainings/certifications including continuing ed offers as it applies to you 
    • 25% off of space rental at Thrive for up to 5 hours each year (3 years)
    • transferable if you need to move, life changes, etc for the duration of the 3 years

    • Any current membership you have with Thrive or YogaOAK will be switched to this membership offer.

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